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The mission at Strategic Workplace is to help workplaces transition into operating at their best and most effective, for the benefit of everyone in the workplace.

I focus on transforming conflict and increasing conflict resilience and emotional intelligence at both the individual and institutional levels, to effect these shifts.


I envision helping to create workplaces that embody justice, fairness, connection, and health.


  • Anti-Oppressive/Anti-Racist
  • Trauma-Informed
  • Efficiency
  • Thoroughness
  • Effectiveness
  • Giving Back to the Community

I work very hard to apply anti-oppressive, anti-racist and trauma-informed principles in the work I do as I believe this is the only way to be truly effective without causing harm.  I am committed to providing my services quickly, completely, and with tangible results. I am also a strong believer in doing pro-bono/voluntary work within the profession. I commit a minimum of one day a month to provide voluntary mediation services or any of my other services required. If you are an equity-seeking group or other group in need of any of my services on a pro-bono basis, please be in touch.

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