The mission at Strategic Workplace is to help workplaces transition into optimal functioning and effectiveness through conflict resolution and training services, with a focus on increasing resilience and emotional intelligence on both an individual and institutional basis


Strategic Workplace envisions helping to create workplaces that embody justice, fairness, connection, and health


The goal at Strategic Workplace is to do all work in accordance with anti-oppressive principles and to conduct the work efficiently, thoroughly, and effectively, in order to bring about transformation in the workplaces of our clients


Sharon Naipaul (she/her)

Principal Consultant

Sharon was called to the Bar of Ontario in 2011 after obtaining her J.D. from Western Law in 2010. While at Western Law she had the opportunity to intern at the International Labour Organization in Geneva, and led both the Diversity Committee and Labour Law Society.

Sharon gained her expertise in workplace issues (labour, employment and human rights) when she began her career in private practice for a prominent union-side labour law firm in Toronto. Following that, she went in-house at a major public service union working as a litigator. Sharon then spent many years as a Senior Mediator at the Ontario Labour Relations Board, conducting close to a thousand mediations, with extremely high success rates. After working as a mediator, Sharon returned to private practice as a workplace investigator, conducting numerous complex investigations as well as doing mediations, workplace restorations, and workplace assessments.

Based on her experience and passion for resolving workplace conflicts and increasing equity in the workplace through training, she founded Strategic Workplace Equity and Conflict Resolution Solutions.

Sharon is extremely passionate about the work she does, is highly qualified, and puts 110% of herself into all that she does. In her work, it is always her goal to be fair, respectful to everyone involved, apply an emotional intelligence lens, and to take a trauma-informed approach.

In addition to her J.D. from Western Law, Sharon holds the Executive Certificate in Conflict Management from Windsor Law, and is qualified as a Workplace Fairness Analyst through Workplace Fairness International. She is a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario and Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada, and is a member in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario.



Sharon has conducted close to a thousand mediations involving represented and non-represented parties, in the context of unionized and non-unionized workplaces, and on a wide variety of workplace issues. As a trained lawyer, Sharon is highly skilled at evaluative mediation but is also well-versed in facilitative mediation. She takes the time to analyze every dispute, listens to the parties, and determines the best approach. However, beneath the blend of facilitative and evaluative mediation used, her foundational approach is always that of transformational mediation. Please consult mediatordates.com to view Sharon’s available dates for mediation.

Workplace Restoration

Sharon is trained in workplace restoration, utilizing many of the tools used in mediation. Whether the need for restoration arises out of change management gone wrong, the aftermath of a complex investigation involving multiple participants in the workplace, or conflict after unionization, Sharon takes a timely and sensitive approach to restoring positive working relationships in the workplace.

Workplace Assessments

Sharon has experience in conducting workplace assessments and has a wealth of knowledge to apply in order to devise the most appropriate data collection for workplace assessments. Workplace assessments can be conducted in a crisis situation or pro-actively, in both cases to “take the temperature” of the workplace, which can be a highly effective tool for developing strategies for the workplace going forward. Workplace assessments, when undertaken at regular intervals (ex. yearly), can also provide a wealth of information that can be used for equity work or other similar endeavours being undertaken in the workplace.

Please stay tuned for additional services coming in Fall 2022


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