• Workplace dispute arise in all sorts of contexts whether it’s a wrongful dismissal claim, a personality conflict between two employees, a grievance, or conflict between a union and employer. No matter what the issue, I can help you resolve the conflict with skill and sensitivity
  • I deal with disputes that range in complexity from the simplest Employment Standards Act claims to multi-party disputes such as Public Service Labour Relations Transition Act matters or time-sensitive, high-stakes, and sensitive collective bargaining negotiations, and everything in between
  • I am very skilled at helping parties resolve the ostensible dispute but also help with the unspoken or underlying issues to help parties achieve a more durable result
  • My areas of expertise include all labour, employment, and human rights matters
  • My calendar and availability can be found at

Workplace Assessments

  • Are you looking to take the temperature of your organization or a particular department? Are you concerned about trends you see developing in your organization?
  • Based on my experience doing workplace assessment, I can help you design an assessment tool that will capture the data you are looking for
  • I can also conduct effective one-on-one interviews with employees and provide a comprehensive report that will help you strategize your next steps
  • This is a great foundational tool to prepare for a workplace restoration.

Workplace Restoration

  • So many things can happen in a workplace, whether it’s a contentious certification, the aftermath of a serious and complex workplace investigation, or increased conflict due to escalating tension that causes larger scale disruption and discontent
  • I can assist you with designing and implementing a Workplace Restoration process to both diagnose and treat the issues affecting the workplace
  • Workplace Restoration is the perfect tool for discovering the root cause of the issues and addressing them using mediation as a foundational approach, combined with any number of facilitative interventions that can not only restore the workplace to a healthy, functioning state, but can improve it

Workplace Facilitation

  • There are so many processes in a workplace that require high-quality decision-making and outcomes. These processes always benefit from third party assistance to enable and support the achievement of a goal, whether in the context of a meeting, planning session, chartering session, or any other number of contexts
  • I have facilitated many of these group processes and can help your organization engage in successful processes to achieve your desired results, by providing opportunities, resources, and encouragement through the facilitation process

Workplace Training

  • Many workplaces are becoming psychological safety and equity sensitive, and want to make sure their staff have the appropriate training and knowledge to contribute to a positive work culture and climate
  • Additionally, there are mandatory requirements for employers to conduct training for employees such as Workplace Violence and Harassment training (more popularly framed as Respect in the Workplace training)
  • I have a passion for adult education and learning styles. I have developed and delivered many different training modules for example, Respect in the Workplace training and training to incorporate Trauma-Informed Principles into the Workplace. I can tailor any existing module or create a new training module to meet your unique needs cost-effectively

Investigations Consultations

  • The need for workplace investigations has increased exponentially but sometimes a workplace does not have the resources to hire a third party to conduct a required workplace investigation, but still need advice throughout the process, or maybe you are a sole-practitioner Investigator dealing with a particularly complex case and could benefit from a “second set of eyes” or someone to talk through a difficult procedural or substantive issue
  • Based on my experience as an investigator I can assist workplaces with advice while conducting a workplace investigation, and can assist sole practitioners in working through a complex issue or report review
  • I also provide training on discrete and challenging topics investigators face, for example, consent in the context of sexual assault or complex sexual harassment cases, or bias and race in the investigation analysis

Retreat Workshops and Presentations

  • Do you have a workplace retreat coming up and need content for your sessions?
  • I can prepare and develop a presentation or workshop on a wide variety of topics relevant to the workplace that will add value to your retreat experience

Sensitivity Reading

  • I provide reviews of almost any type of document or manuscript, applying multiple lenses such as sex, race, gender, orientation and ability (to name a few) to ensure the document is equity-sensitive

Research and Writing

  • I can provide research and writing (articles, blogs) on any topic within the areas of my expertise